Why you Can’t Afford to Miss Diwali this year!

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Why you Can’t Afford to Miss Diwali this year!

This is the first time we’re doing a Bollywood dance performance for Diwali celebrations at by collaborating with a Hip hop troupe! It’s the first time in Melbourne that a professional Bollywood troupe and hip hop troupe have decided to genuinely collaborate.

We’ve had several rehearsals and the exchange of ideas has been fantastic. Joel from Sefra Burstin Dance Studio and Kirti from Ignite Bollywood have been working on choreographing this unique piece which highlights the conflict and disharmony between cultures, genders and religions that have overtaken our society. It asks, “Is there a better way? Can we embrace our differences and come together with love, peace and unity instead of being in constant battle?”

Last year we performed a 90’s throwback in front of approximately 15,000 people at Federation square in Melbourne. Each year we create new entertaining Bollywood performances for Diwali and many companies and community groups hire our dancers and performers for their Diwali night celebration.

More companies are also embracing Bollywood dance for Diwali staff celebrations. This is after all one of the largest and most important Indian festivals!

If you want to come along to our most recent performance (Bollywood versus hip hop) then come along to Federation Square on Saturday 19th October. We are likely to perform between 7:30 and 9:30pm and then you’ll enjoy the fireworks! It’s a free event and full of great cultural performances and Indian food trucks and stalls. Not to be missed!