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Bollywood Dance Choreography

We offer Bollywood dance choreography for film, television, commercials, theatre productions, weddings and special events.Ignite founder and lead choreographer Jagriti Bhatia has worked in Mumbai, India on the sets of Bollywood films as an Assistant Director and has over 20 years of Bollywood dance choreography and performance experience. Over the years, she has choreographed Bollywood dance sequences for a number of television/ theatre productions and weddings including ‘Prank Patrol’ aired on TV channel ABC.

Along with Jagriti, our team of professional Bollywood dance choreographers work diligently to make your performance stand out! They understand the importance of designing dance routines that reflect the story while using their spontaneity to deal with unforseen challenges that may occur on set.

You can rest assured that our team of choreographers and performers have a positive and flexible approach to their work and will use their creativity and energy to produce a visually stunning and colourful performance.

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 bollywood dance choreography

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  • We customise dance sequences to suit your needs
  • Our choreographers are creative, professional and understanding
  • You don’t have to be a great dancer to pick up our moves

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