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Welcome to Ignite Bollywood, Australia’s #1 Authority in world-class Bollywood entertainment.  We bring the fun, magic and glamour of Bollywood to you!

If you’re planning a special event, no matter how big or small, our Indian Bollywood dancers in Melbourne will bring your occasion to life!

Whether you want to create an unforgettable Bollywood experience for your next corporate event, wedding, multicultural festival or school incursion, we can help you.

Bollywood dance is the perfect means to reconnect people in a light and colourful way while experiencing the Indian culture.

We offer you a world where transformational experiences can occur, not just through dance, but through a whole colourful array of experiences that uplift, entertain and create lifelong memories.


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It’s more than just dance. Ask us how we can create the perfect Bollywood Experience for you!


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