Groom and his Mates Surprise the Bride with a Bollywood Dance

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Groom and his Mates Surprise the Bride with a Bollywood Dance

01 Mar

In December 2017, I had so much fun working with Kevin and his two best mates to help him surprise his bride with a Bollywood dance at their wedding reception.

All three men worked together in the same office and so did Liz, the bride to be. The men would secretly take the afternoon out of the office (pretending to have a work meeting) to attend a dance rehearsal so that Liz wouldn’t get suspicious.

Even though none of the three men had any dance experience, they learned the Bollywood dance steps in 4 sessions even when it was 38 degree heat. They had a positive attitude the entire time.

A week after the wedding, Kevin shared the below video and wrote a message to me saying:
“We absolutely smashed it.. the crowd loved it so much. It was the best thing we ever did and my wife now!! You should have seen how happy she was. Thank you!” – Kevin

Watch how it all turned out at the wedding in this video:

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