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Ignite Bollywood Dance Company Founder Jagriti-Bhatia

  1. What online platform will be used to conduct the online Bollywood dance lessons?
    We use Zoom meetings.
  2. If we are in the same household, do we need to buy multiple tickets?
    Yes. Tickets are per participant attending the class. So, let’s say you have 2 people from the same household attending the dance class, you will need to purchase 2 tickets.
  3. If my child is older than 12 years, can they attend the children’s Bollywood dance class?
    Yes they can. We have used 5-12 years of age as a guide only. Ideally the class will not be suitable for children under 5 years.
  4. Do I get a refund for missing a class?
    No, you do not receive a refund. We can give you permission to attend a make-up class in the future or view the Live class video (if available) for up to 14 days. Participants who miss more than one class cannot attend multiple make-up classes or view more than one video. Only one per participant.
  5. Will we receive recordings of the dance class?
    No. We will not send recordings. These are live classes and will be conducted as though attendees are attending a live dance lesson.
  6. What is your refund policy if I don’t like the session or if my technology fails?
    We have free online Bollywood dance class examples to give you a taste of what to expect in a dance class and our dance teachers are always open to feedback to give you the best possible experience.
    While we do NOT provide refunds, we will provide access to an extra class if you missed one class from the program or send you a video recording that will expire within 14 days. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have suitable Wifi access and technology. For any reason, if technology fails from our side, we will find an alternative such as sending a recording for you to view.
  7. Can I participate if I have mobility issues or disabilities?
    We do our best to make our classes inclusive for all and we’ve conducted many Bollywood dance lessons for people with disabilities, dementia, and other issues. If you have any mobility issues, injuries or disabilities that may prevent you from participating in Bollywood dance lessons, then please email us on info@ignitebollywood.com and let us know of your condition so that we can advise you and notify the dance instructor. This information will be treated with strict confidentiality and will only be shared for the purpose of making the class more accessible to all participants and to help avoid any injuries.
  8. Do I need to have learned Bollywood dancing to attend a Beginners Bollywood dance program?
    No. Anyone who is new or experienced may attend Beginners Bollywood dancing.
  9. Do I need to be really fit to do Bollywood dancing?
    While Bollywood dancing can help increase your fitness levels, you do not need to be really fit. We provide alternative dance steps as low impact exercise for those who do not want an intensive workout. We encourage all participants to always listen to their body and not strain themselves in any way.
  10. Do I have to turn on my video for the online class?
    No. We encourage participants to turn on their video to make it easier for the dance teacher to support people while they learn the movements but if for any reason you prefer to keep your video turned off then that is fine.
  11. Must I be muted during the session?
    Yes, we request that you mute your microphone to avoid interference during the session. There may be times where the dance teacher invites your input and discussion, in which case you will be asked to ‘un-mute’ yourself but in all other cases we request all participants to remain ‘muted’.
  12. Will the video of the dance class be shared publicly?
    No. For privacy reasons we will not be sharing a recording with anyone publicly. The only reason why a recording may be shared is if a participant from the dance class was unable to attend or view the class while Live. In such cases, the recording will only be shared for a maximum of 14 days.
  13. If I am an experienced dancer looking for more advanced level Bollywood dance lessons, what should I do?
    Most of our students are beginner to intermediate level for which our online Beginners Bollywood classes are suitable. If you want more of a challenge, then ask us about one-on-one dance tuition or email info@ignitebollywood.com to express an interest in joining our professional Bollywood dance troupe.
  14. What is the structure of an online Bollywood dance class?
    Our Children’s programs have elements of cultural education along with Bollywood dancing. The typical structure is:
    – Greeting/ re-cap
    – Warm up
    – Learn a new dance routine step by step
    – Short power point presentation on the Indian culture or live demo (topics include costumes, food, festivals and more!)
    – Short intensive workout (10 mins)
    – Cool down
    – De-brief/ Q & A
    Adults beginner’s class structure:
    – Greeting/ re-cap
    – Warm up
    – Learn a new dance routine step by step
    – Short intensive workout (15 mins)
    – Cool down