Bollywood Dance Workshops for the Healthcare Industry

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Did you know we are now online? We are now offering online Bollywood dancing as a remote team building exercise for your staff. Let them feel enlivened and energised as they work from home.

Bollywood Dance Workshops for the Healthcare Industry

Case Study: Bollywood Entertainment & Teambuilding for Hospitals & Health Care

Bollywood for Health Care 2
It’s rare to find an industry with more pressure than health care. After all you have people’s life in your hands. All the more reason to make sure your team can relax and unwind after a tough week.

Hospitals such as Jessie McPherson and Cairns Hospital have asked us to bring some Bollywood flavour to their staff events.




Bollywood for health care 3
We had a team of 11 dancers, musicians, DJ and Henna artists fly to Cairns and Townsville from Melbourne. They put on a show that had the client raving!

For another event, Jessie McPherson was holding a Christmas dinner at Kingston Links Golf Club for 40 staff members and we were invited to make it extra special with some Bollywood dance moves.



Our dancers had so much fun watching doctors, nurses and admin staff dance together and show off their best moves to live drums! Watch the video to see how the night went!


Video: Bollywood team building for Jessie McPherson Hospital

Video: Bollywood team building for Cairns Hospital in Queensland


If you’re in the Health Care Industry looking for a stress-relieving activity for your staff, then contact our team for ideas on Bollywood dance workshops and performances.


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"Our guests in both Cairns and Townsville really enjoyed your performance. Everything was well coordinated. You have such a great team with you!"


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