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Bollywood Bachelor Party in Melbourne

When Ben called me to book a Bollywood dance class for his best friend Kyle’s bachelor party, I was slightly confused. “Are you sure it’s for a bachelor party?” I asked. The answer was “yes”.

OK, I’ve taught men Bollywood dancing many times before, to prepare for a wedding performance, as part of a corporate team building workshop or in a dance class – but I’ve never conducted a Bollywood dance session for a bachelor party.

In over 15 years of teaching Bollywood dance, this was a new situation for me and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The last thing you want is for people to resent you for ruining a perfectly good party by giving them something they don’t really want.

My fears were put to rest when I entered the digital marketing agency in Prahran of one of the groom’s friends. He had cleared the common area, ready to get started.

The demographic was mostly caucasian men in their late 20s/early 30s and perhaps two older gentlemen who might have been the bride and groom’s dads. None had tried Bollywood dancing before or ever been to India. And no, the groom was not marrying an Indian woman either. For some reason, Kyle had an obsession with Bollywood music and listed “Bollywood dance class” on his bucket list and his mates wanted to give him that once in a lifetime experience.

I burst out laughing when Kyle, the groom entered the space. His friends had forced him into an Indian woman’s salwar kameez costume. I don’t know if they’d meant for him to cross-dress or if they’d assumed that’s an outfit that an Indian man would wear. Nonetheless, he wore it well with his Fedora.

The session itself was full of laughs and high energy dancing. I’ve found that men love the chance to laugh at themselves and each other if given a chance. The totally let go of their inhibitions and came up with some of their very own hilarious dance moves in this Bollywood dance class. These guys had incredible energy and the result was a lot of fun and laughter!

Watch video and see for yourself! Be sure to check out “the worm” step they came up with near the end of this video!

As crazy as it sounds, why not try something totally unexpected at your boy’s bachelor party? Try Bollywood dancing to get everyone in high spirits before you go for a night out!