Bollywood at Multicultural Festivals

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Bollywood at Multicultural Festivals

March is one of our busiest months of the year with people inviting us to perform at multicultural festivals to help them celebrate harmony day and diversity week in true Bollywood style!

We’ve worked with a range of clients to help them plan a fun and entertaining multicultural festival during this time and some of our clients include school teachers, festival organisers, city councils, lifestyle co-ordinators, corporate managers, shopping centres and event companies.

In March 2016, Chris Padgham from the Warrandyte Festival Committee arranged three of our Bollywood dancers and a live Indian drummer to entertain festival guests. With large festivals, sometimes it’s difficult to announce and notify attendees if there’s a special performance taking place so we decided to gather a crowd before our performance. Do you want to know how we did it?

It’s really easy when you have a large dhol (Indian drum) and dancers parading around the festival. We caught people’s attention and they started to follow us in a procession towards the main stage area. Once a large enough crowd was collected and waiting in anticipation, our dancers broke out into a lively Bollywood performance followed by an interactive Bollywood dance workshop.

“Thank you for a magnificent performance. This was our first foray into dance at the festival, it was a huge success and a significant part of that was the excellent performance by Ignite Bollywood.” Chris Padgham, Coordinator, Warrandyte Festival.

When organising a multicultural festival or a school ‘harmony day’ there are so many wonderful ideas to choose from to showcase diversity and multiculturalism in Australia. What makes Bollywood dancing a great choice?


1) It’s colourful & vibrant!

The intricate costumes, music and movements capture audience’s attention and transport them into a magical world.

2) It’s inclusive.

We can involve people of any age, background or gender and you don’t need to be a great dancer to join in the fun!

3) It gives you ‘bang for your buck’.

Whether you organise one Bollywood dance teacher with a live Indian drummer, or a more elaborate 8-dancer performance, we’ll help you create the best Bollywood experience for your budget.

If you’re planning an event to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity in your area, contact Ignite Bollywood. No matter how big or small your event, we can produce something that will add fun and colour and get everyone involved.

Bollywood for all ages at Multicultural Festivals